Refund Policy

We always make our best effort to provide you with the best service. To rectify issues, we offer a refund policy for our customers to avoid unnecessary suffering. Here are the things you should know and the conditions for receiving a refund:

Order Cancelation & Refund Policy

If you’ve already signed up and paid for a service, but don’t wish to continue with it, you can cancel the order. You must to submit an order cancellation via email within 12 hours of placing the order. A refund will be issued within 96 hours through the payment gateway.

The refund policy doesn’t apply to orders canceled after 12 hours. The same applies to canceling an ongoing project. We cannot postpone or switch the service for a project that’s already underway. You have to switch the package before we start working on it, which is within 12 hours of the initial order.

However, if you feel that the results provided to you do not match your expectations, you can request a revision or refund within 48 hours after the time of delivery. In this situation, you can replace the ordered service with another equivalent service on our site or postpone it. We’ll keep the project on hold and complete it for you when it’s available or replace it with other equivalent services.