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Keyword Research Explained

What is Keyword Research?

It incorporates methods like finding the best relevant keywords that provide the most value for your website. Keyword research involves different strategies to find the words that have a higher potential in putting your website on the front page. Keyword Research is an assessment of the current market in terms of SEO. It helps you understand your target audience better and guide them to your services.
Keyword research begins by assessing the current performance of your website and its contents. We take into consideration your business website’s organic traffic and overall keyword ranking. We analyze a couple of primary search competitors based on keyword relevance and overlap.
Upon identifying all the necessary keywords, we segment each keyword manually to achieve optimal opportunity.

Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword Research goes hand in hand with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), serving as the pillar. It helps you put your website in the sights of potential customers looking for your services.
Effectively targeting your customers’ keywords helps drive relevant traffic to your business increasing brand awareness and elevating conversion rates from website traffic. Business owners invest a lot in keyword research to generate/increase sales leads. Sales lead and revenue are our main focuses. This is why we choose keywords that have a higher chance of attracting valuable customers.

Rank by Good Keywords

Our Process

A six-step process to find most comprehensive keywords for your business

Understanding Your Niche

We already have experience with 25+ niches. But still, we will analyze your business scopes

Select Relevant Keywords

Re-evaluate all keywords and select only the most relevant keywords for your business

Analysis Your Competitors

Competitors are the most useful resources to understand strategies.

Check Trends & Rank Challenges

Sometimes keywords lost trend but the KW tool shows good SV. We will go through the trends of each keyword

Find & List Down Keywords

Now its time to find the best keywords based on user intention for your business

Final Report

Here is your delivery. We also do a basic backlink analysis to determine the estimated links you need to rank on SERP

Tools We Use

We use industry leading tools for through Analysis

Pricing Plans

Most Affordable & Effective Keyword Research Plan.
You will also get backlinks estimation on your final report

  • 25 Keywords
  • Niche Focus Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • LSI Analysis
  • Backlink Recommendation
10% OFF
  • 50 Keywords
  • Niche Focus Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • LSI Analysis
  • Backlink Recommendation
  • 100 Keywords
  • Niche Focus Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • LSI Analysis
  • Backlink Recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are Long-Tail Keywords Important?

Long-tail keywords are more specific, and longer keyword phrases are often used by visitors when they are nearing a point-of-purchase. This also helps your content be visible in voice searches. While this kind of keyword is hard to implement, they become extremely valuable when used effectively.

How does Keyword Research help my business?

Since keyword research is at the heart of the process of effective Search Engine Optimization, the benefit you receive from proper keyword research is tremendous. It helps put your business out there for people to find without you as a business owner having to spend a huge sum on advertisements, allowing you to build profitable customer relationships easily and efficiently.

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